During Phase 1, 11 million cubic metres of sand was extracted from Moreton Bay to form the base of the new 360-hectare airport expansion site. K-Tec scrapers were used to achieve bulk sand handling, surface preparation and compaction.

To accelerate site compaction, we devised an interchangeable conversion kit for our K-Tec 1233 scrapers that effectively transforms the scraper into a water cart in around 30 minutes.

In Phase 2, our K-Tecs were charged with the re-handling of around 4 million cubic metres of sand that had to be removed from the existing platforms once the required ground settlement had been achieved to allow for airfield pavement construction.

Our K-Tecs superseded other scrapers in this application due to their low maintenance design, ease of operation, superior flotation and ability to perform in tough and highly abrasive surface conditions.

At the height of construction Phases 1 and 2, a fleet of 24 K-Tec 1233 and 1228 scrapers in single, tandem and water tanker configurations were utilised to achieve the bulk material handling works required for this milestone project.

Congratulations to the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) and Skyway on the completion of this milestone project.
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